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Sep 30, 2018

Cheers To Business | Ep7 | Domke Market

In this lively episode, Karen and Cadie talk with the wine dame of Domke Market, Brooke Goff. Brooke literally reveals a fun wine tasting game, shares her career journey into retail, discusses her philosophy of transitioning an existing business and it's customers after acquiring, and explains what Domke Market is and what it can be. Cadie and Brooke talk about brand culture, playing to your strengths, and positioning your company in the market. Karen stresses the need for short and longtime planning and how she hasn't had to drink out of a paper bag in decades. Cheers to you and enjoy the show!


Key Takeaways

> The importance of transitioning an established business or location after a purchase in a strategic and logical way to meet your vision and customer expectations.

> Company brand, vision, positioning, and marketing. Be passionate about who you are and don't try to be everything to everybody.

> Wine doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. Learn how to find the wine that you like and enjoy.

> Awareness of the value and need for a 1, 3, and 5-year plan. Don't just focus on the daily business but plan ahead to maximize the chance for long-term success and opportunities.

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Quotable Quotes

- Domke Market is the casual approach to learning about wine. We have some fantastic wines. We're all about fun wine, but we're also all about everyone being able to learn at their own pace, in their own way. - Brooke Goff

- You can either buy somebody's company and their stock, or you create your own company and buy the assets of the other company. And there's pros and cons of each. - Karen Simmons

- Wine doesn't have to be expensive. - Brooke Goff

- I sleep very little. I work long hours, but, man, I love it. - Brooke Goff

- I wanna be there with my people, you know, my customers and I wanna, for now, I want to be that person that they get to talk to. - Brooke Goff

- Know your business. You can't be everything to everybody. - Cadie Gaut

- If you go, "I wanna sell my business in five years," well, dude, you can't wait till the last year. You've got to start planning now. You gotta pay some tax now, to build income and growth to even show somebody it's worth something. - Karen Simmons

- When you're in the trenches with the customers, with the staff, with the purchasing, and the logistics, it's hard to look that far out because you're so concentrated on tomorrow or the next event or the next quarter. - Cadie Gaut

- Doing a tax return is after the fact. You have to plan ahead... - Karen Simmons

Domke Market

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Wine of the episode:

 Santa Rita Line 120 Pinot Noir
Ripasso Montepulciano D’Abruzzo
Santa Rita Line 120 Carménère

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