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Sep 2, 2019

Cheers | Sean Manning | ep50

In this episode, Karen and Cadie talk with the founder of Payroll Vault, and "Entrepreneur King" R Sean Manning. Sean will discuss outsourcing, disruption and the Core 24 Business Mastery Course. Called an "entrepreneurship in a box" this new e-learning program, custom advice and strategic advisory tool was created to teach business owners financial literacy as well as the top 24 essential business concepts needed for success. Karen shares why she is "all in" for this cutting-edge program, and Cadie lets you know how you can get your hands on this powerful learning and business tool.


Key Takeaways:


  1. Business owners are starving for financial literacy education and simple tools to teach fundamental business practices and concepts.
  2. Core 24 Mastery Course is an engaging online and on-demand business e-course that leverages business know-now, stategic advisors, and technolgy.
  3. Outsourcing properly can be a massive boost for productivity and profits.
  4. Managing current and future disruption is a must for any successful business.


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The good thing about the curriculum is we took all of the most commonly asked questions of business owners, just financial literacy. - R Sean Manning


My goal with this product: take our business knowledge that's been so challenging to deliver to business owners and put it in a form that leverages the one thing that's creating disruption, technology. - R Sean Manning


We leverage technology so that it's now an advantage, and now we supply it to advisors and business owners. - R Sean Manning


Our course is good way for business owners to not only double-check what they know but also learn new ideas and find ways to implement them through their business. - R Sean Manning


Outsourcing services can lead to greater success. - R Sean Manning


Identify where your business skillset is, you want to hire around that and or outsource it. Outsourcing is smart because it doesn't require a big commitment with staffing. - R Sean Manning


Find the right resources you need to outsource, then reduce staff. Build the right team around you that supports your business. - R Sean Manning


Core 24 is kind of like a college class for entrepreneurship. - R Sean Manning


It's almost like a virtual internship. - Cadie Gaut


This product is designed to create collaborative groups of professionals that can work closely with other business owners to help them through business ownership to be more successful. - R Sean Manning


There's so much more to business ownership than just being the leader. - Cadie Gaut


Core 24 sounds like online and real-world business learning tools, but also interactive. It's not just listening to an audiobook. - Cadie Gaut


A lot of businesses today are faced with the term called disruption. And what's causing that disruption almost in every single industry, is technology. - R Sean Manning


We all need to be accountable to something and having a mentor or professional supporting you provides that accountability. That is the great value at Core 24 price range. - R Sean Manning