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Oct 25, 2018

Cheers To Business | Ep10 | Second Location

In this episode, Karen and Cadie talk with entrepreneurs, creatives, and the proud new owners of the second location of Salon West Hairdressers, Julia Liller & Whitney Vittor. Julie and Whitney candidly share their career journeys, the ups, and downs of starting Salon West 54 Hundred, the growing pains and joys of opening their second salon location, and the secret to why their business partnership works. Plus, they reveal the importance of working "on" your business, living up to your branding, providing their "guests" with a truly unique experience, and relying on expert business consultants and mentors to steer you through the growth of your company.

Key Takeaways:

> A business partnership is very similar to a marriage. It takes work, understanding, communication, and patience to work as a single streamlined unit.

> Make sure that you have the work and client base to make a second locations make sense.

> All partners (and stakeholders) agree on an agreeable business plan and vision. Plus, everyone is aware of the real costs, numbers, issues, and barriers before you decide to grow.

> Before you consider physically expanding your company be sure to have a proven business plan and model, and create structures and processes of your company's daily functions that can easily integrate into your new location or venture. 

> Recruit trusted consulted and mentors to help you navigate all the business, finance, marketing, real estate, legal and emotional problems associated with opening or growing a company.

> Do not forget the importance and staff of the original location or business when a second location is being created, built and launched.


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