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Nov 7, 2018

Cheers To Business Podcast | Ep12 | Self Care Workaholics

In these days of always more, hustle, and grind some business owners (and other workaholics) aren't valuing themselves or listening to that voice screaming to take some time to take a break, have some fun, and to define that blurry line between life and work. On this show, Cadie and Karen explore the "all work and no play" fallacy and why all those billable hours and personal sacrifices might be a short-term gain creating a much bigger long-term problem. So, take a break, turn up the volume, pour some vino, and dive into this relaxing and informative episode.

Key Takeaways

> Your an essential asset to your company or team. Learn what your work limitations are and respect them to avoid burnout.

> For job satisfaction and enjoyment, find the "why" of your work and what makes you truly happy.

> Create processes and structures to delegate work and responsibility so that you can take essential time off and work-free vacations.

> Create a balanced schedule that facilitates work requirements but has built-in downtime and planned time for medical, spiritual and emotional self-care.


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Quotable Quotes

The line between work and life. Is there even a line? - Cadie Gaut

There's a limit to everything. I don't care whether it's work, food, alcohol, whatever. - Karen Simmons

You cannot expect everybody else to work on the same level that you work. But you appreciate people for the levels that they can give. - Karen Simmons

Get me something to drink, go on that back porch and then that sun setting. And man, your world, it's okay. - Karen Simmons

Learn to make that conscious effort to say, "I am not going to work past this time." - Cadie Gaut

That's the battle between taking care of yourself. But at the same time, is making those sacrifices what's made me successful? - Cadie Gaut

It's not pampering yourself; it's taking care of yourself. And you've got to find those things that truly make you happy. - Cadie Gaut

Just because people are choosing not to work, doesn't mean that they don't work hard. - Cadie Gaut

Put your work life to a schedule and make yourself abide it. - Karen Simmons

Stop that hustle and grind and that need to go 24/7. If you force yourself, too find the time and make that time, and stick to that time to rest, it's only going to make you more productive in the coming days or weeks. - Cadie Gaut

Whether a business owner, or just a workaholic, or busy person. Be aware of what makes you happy. And be aware of when you're getting to that point that you need a break. - Cadie Gaut

Realize that not everybody has the same burnout point. Not everybody has the same things that makes them happy. And structure your company or your support team so that they're able to handle things when you do need to take that time for yourself. - Cadie Gaut


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