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Nov 15, 2018

Cheers To Business | Podcast | Ep13 | Taxes and EOY Prep

End of the business calendar year is approaching fast, and Karen and Cadie want all of us to have our ducks in a row to close out the year correctly. In this episode, the business owner and accountant (CPA) explain the things that need to be done, accounts that need to be rectified, documents required, and the decisions necessary to avoid trouble with Uncle Sam and the IRS. Plus, Karen describes the pros and cons of employee bonuses, buying equipment in December, and the new corporate tax laws and changes. We all know that taxes are stressful but listening to this show (and diligently following Cheers To Business's advice) can be a step in the right direction for easing that annual tension, getting a handle on the health of your business, saving a lot of money, and getting the most out of your accounting software, CPA, and payroll company.

Cheers to taking care of business!


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