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Feb 6, 2019

Cheers To Business | Karen Simmons and Cadie Gaut | Ep.21 | Knowledge Share

In this episode, Karen is going to teach Cadie and the audience about David Gurteen's business philosophy of Knowledge Share. Knowledge Share is always revealing and teaching everything you know to your team and the people around you. By creating a culture of knowledge sharing, you will not only increase the overall skill set of your team, but you show them and your customer the "why" of what you do and how things are supposed to be done. When you can get you, your team, and your customers on the same page and all moving in the same direction then your business can really start humming, and the sky is the limit.

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Creating a Knowledge Sharing Culture - by David Gurteen


Quotables and Tweetables

If somebody asks me a tax question that I know the team needs to know, will blind copy them the information that I think they need to know that is not going to come up in our daily conversation. - Karen Simmons

Knowledge Share is not just for your team. It also applies to your clients and your customers. - Karen Simmons

When people keep asking the same question, transfer this knowledge to them so that they can use it on their own. People will find new things that they need to know. So, it's continuing to grow continuously, but you cannot contain your knowledge inside yourself. - Karen Simmons

I'm talking about serious conversations of helping someone learn how to do something just because you know how to do it. I think it could be beneficial, and it's a win-win situation. - Karen Simmons

You don't know what people don't know. - Karen Simmons

I respect people more when they admit they don't know how to do something than if they pretend they do. - Karen Simmons

It's beneficial because if everybody on your team and your clientele and your customers are knowledgeable about what we're all doing, it just brings more success to the table, and everybody ends up making more money in the long run because we're sharing the knowledge. - Karen Simmons

Knowledge Share is great for referral partnerships. The more that we understand our client's business and they understand ours, the more beneficial that relationship can be. - Cadie Gaut

Knowledge share, it's more about teaching someone to fish rather than just handing them a fish. - Cadie Gaut

I'm showing you, and I'm teaching you what I do and explaining the why of why I do what I do, I'm not just providing a service to you. I'm teaching you because you know the why of why I'm doing what I'm doing and how we can work better together. - Karen Simmons



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