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Feb 20, 2019

Cheers To Business | Ep23 | Jeff Roberts | Being Real

In this episode, Karen and Cadie have Mr. Yellowhammer Coffee, Jeff Roberts in the Deep Fried Studio. Jeff shares his highly caffeinated journey from one coffee truck (and trailer) to a new brick and mortar location, his three biggest business lessons, and his brilliant tips on social media content creation and brand building. While there is no wine drinking in this morning addition of the Cheers To Business podcast, there is a lot of coffee consumption and wine talk. Plus, Jeff reveals his obsession with local restauranteur Will Fusaiotti of Foosackleys and what Yellowhammer's future growth looks like (hint: it looks like shipping containers.)

Jeff Robert's three biggest business lessons:

1. Everything you think, know you're going to be wrong, and everything you thought would fail usually works.
2. Don't be scared to celebrate people.
3. Take people on your journey. Be real and document everything, don't just create.


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Big Questions

  • What is Jeff Robert's favorite coffee? Favorite wine?
  • What does "document, don't create" mean?
  • What is Jeff's secret ingredient for his popular and often shared social media and video content?
  • Why and what did it take for Yellowhammer Coffee to expand from a mobile coffee truck and trailer to a physical location?
  • What food franchise does Jeff Roberts use as a model and inspiration?
  • What's the best way to connect your brand with your customers and audience?
  • What was the inspiration for the name "Yellowhammer Coffee"?
  • How has Jeff and his family handled the sacrifice and stress of starting a new business from scratch?
  • What's Jeff's leadership and teambuilding approach when dealing with retail and millennial employees?
  • What's next for Jeff Roberts and the Yellowhammer Coffee brand?

Quotables and Tweetables

Document, don't create. - Jeff Roberts

With content marketing, people connect with like reality. - Jeff Roberts

Show your mistakes, people relate to imperfections. - Cadie Gaut

In our social media, I love the realness, and I love the behind the scenes. I love the struggle. - Jeff Roberts

I'm going to start a coffee trailer, and if we fail, I'm going to fail right in front of your eyeballs, and we're going to keep it documenting. - Jeff Roberts

You have to make time for Family. We try to make as much time as we can, but like our kids know we're building something that's a sacrifice, we're all in it together. - Jeff Roberts

Before I had the Payroll Vault team, it was just me at the desk doing payrolls just all day long. That's all I did. And then you grow the team, and there's a great team, and I'm able to go then promote the business, and it's fantastic. - Cadie Caut

You need a network of entrepreneurs. You need people in your life that you can call and say, "Hey, this is what I'm thinking about it." - Jeff Roberts

When you're on the edge that's the moment when you're so terrified, but then when you jump. - Karen Simmons

I tell new business owners, three years before you can plan on a paycheck. - Karen Simmons

Foosackly's has grown in a very organic and healthy way, and I want to model that. - Jeff Roberts

I've gone to Starbucks a hundred times; they put the lid right where the crease is. - Karen Simmons

Little things matter because they add up to big things and it's all about the experience. - Cadie Gaut



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