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May 14, 2019

Cheers To Business | Ep35 \ Interns

On this episode, Karen and Cadie talk interns and improving your company's internship program. What are the pros and cons of hiring them? What legal and compensation issues to watch out for? Do you pay them, or do you not pay them? What you need to do to get the most out of your interns. A properly structured internship program that incorporates clear expectations, accountability and purpose can create a rewarding educational opportunity for the student and the company providing the experience.

Karen and Cadie's Rules for Internship Programs:

1. Intern need to be aware that they are not entitled to wage.
2. Interns must receive training.
3. Interns must get a hands-on experience with equipment or processes used in your particular industry.
4. The skills learned on the job must be considered transferable.
5. Make sure your internship program is structured and has a written process and structure.
6. Communicate expectations to interns and incorporate accountability and a formal review process of performance.
7. Work with Universities, Deans and teachers to help formulate your intern program and find your best candidates.
8. Upon internship program completion encourage the exceptional interns in helping to find their replacement.
9. Make sure you're in compliance with your internship program with the Department of Labor and the student's school and University.
10. Make sure that you and your company also learn from working with interns.


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One of the important things when bringing in interns is knowing what is expected of them. - Cadie Gaut

Look at your interns hire dates and then write down what tasks they're currently doing, and that'll at least give you some initial data. - Cadie Gaut

If you have no intern plan and you currently have interns, just look at where they're at and what they're currently doing. - Cadie Gaut

I love when interns become part of the team as a full time because interns cannot expect longterm when they go into that position. An intern is a short term agreement. - Karen Simmons

Internships are a learning opportunity for both parties. Cadie Gaut

It's wrong not to pay somebody to do work for you. - Karen Simmons

There are two types of internships: there's the unpaid college credit and paid internships. - Cadie Gaut

If you are hiring someone from a university or college, you'll want to get with that school to make sure that you as the employer are meeting all of those requirements. - Karen Simmons

If you are hiring an intern from a university or college, you'll want to get with that school to make sure that you as the employer are meeting all of those requirements. - Cadie Gaut

There's six criteria for determining an intern status and some legal issues to look into the regulations and compensation requirements with the Department of Labor. - Cadie Gaut

Interns cannot replace regular employees and they're not guaranteed a job with your organization. - Cadie Gaut

Some schools are now requiring that students at least participate in one internship in order to graduate. - Cadie Gaut

Document expectations and structure have a written internship program policy of process, and expectations. - Karen Simmons

Get to know the professors at the colleges. Get to know the Dean. They know the students. They're working with them day in and day out, and then they can help select the best fit for what you need. - Karen Simmons

Ask your intern to find their replacement, And then have them train the new intern replacement to have that seamless transition. 

- Karen Simmons