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Jun 4, 2019

Cheers To Business | ep37 | getting out of business

On this episode, Karen and Cadie talk about when and how to get out of your business. Do you want to retire? Do you want to sell it? Six considerations need to be addressed for this big business and life decision. Do you have an exit plan? Have you talked to your partner(s) or family about an exit plan? Karen and Cadie share some personal info and real-world examples of what needs to be done to plan for any decisions to sell your business. This critical episode should be the first step for you to stop and think about where you want to be in the next 5-10 years so you can have a solid plan to get there.


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Quotables & Shareables

There are six things to consider before retiring, selling, giving away, or closing your business. - Karen Simmons

I don't care if you're in love with the person, related to them, or you just like them, when you go into business somebody needs to do the legal paperwork and have a buy-sell agreement. - Karen Simmons

I like to ask the people that are thinking about leaving their business: How much do you need a month to live on? Do you know what your business is really worth? - Karen Simmons

How much is a piece of land worth? What someone is willing to pay. Your business is no different. - Karen Simmons

You didn't go into business to not be successful. - Karen Simmons

A business is more than creating a job for yourself. It's building something bigger. - Cadie Gaut

You need to stop and think about where you want to be so you can have a plan to get there. - Karen Simmons