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Jun 18, 2019

CTB | 39 | Karen News

This episode is packed with laughs, tears, and some big ole' life and biz lessons. Cadie gets very personal with Karen as she candidly fills us all in on some important news about her business KCS Accounting & Tax, the future, and the Cheers to Business. Do not miss this episode.

Big Questions:

1. Should a business always be for sale?

2. How much of our self worth is wrapped up in what we do, and/or our business?

3. What are the steps for exiting and selling a business?

4. When do you know it's time to sell or exit your company?


Quotables and Tweetables

Make the business about the business don't make the business about you. - Karen Simmons

You can not have a successful business and grow it without the right people. - Karen Simmons

In business, you can't do it all. Build a team, train them, treat them right, and delegate; they will help you make money. - Karen Simmons

I think the ultimate goal of business owners is to be able to sell or exit out of their company the right way and to profit from it. - Karen Simmons

You go into business to be profitable. - Karen Simmons

Everybody business owner goes into a business to make a profit and to have some freedom. You want to be successful. - Karen Simmons

I do think every business should always be for sale. - Karen Simmons

The only company of mine that's not successful is the one I did not put myself all in. - Karen Simmons