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Nov 19, 2019

D.A Ashley Rich on the Cheers To Business Podcast

It's your civic duty to file charges against somebody that's embezzled money from your company. If your gut isn't right, if your head is telling us something ain't right here, then it's probably not right. - Ashley Rich

In this episode, Karen and guest-host Michelle Crowe talk with Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich. Ashley lays out how to handle receiving bad checks, employee theft, employee fraud, and what you proactive things you can do to avoid having this happen with your business. Plus, Karen shares some CPA and payroll ninja tricks to protect your business from being taken advantage of and ripped off.


Key Takeaways

There's no amount too small or too big for the district attorney to work with the police department when investigating bad checks and employee theft.

Always file charges on employees that steal from your company or customers that write bad checks. It's your civil duty.

DO NOT create a payback arrangement with the bad check writer or guilty employee.

Work with your bank to set up anti-hacking plans for your business account and work with your CPA to implement internal checks and balances. Be proactive, not reactive.

Do background checks before you hire.



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Cheers To:

Just because you don't make a payment plan doesn't mean the Court can't make a payment plan at the DH office after the defendant is prosecuted. - Ashley Rich

You need to work with the bank because there can be a lot of security measures that they can put in place at the bank to make sure that hackers don't come in and hack your online banking as well. - Ashley Rich

Have any questions for the DA? Go to under our protecting the community tab, and it will walk you through every step of the way of what you have to do, including the forms for you to use. - Ashley Rich

You've got to think about the circumstances of the next business that your dishonest employee is going to go to work for if you don't criminally prosecute them. - Ashley Rich

If you suspect something is going on, the first thing I would do is do a forensic audit. - Ashley Rich

If you suspect employee theft have your accountant or an auditor come in immediately, and do just a quick audit. - Ashley Rich