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Feb 16, 2021

On this episode, we hear the ups and downs of Brandon Maye's life journey from the football field to the field of business. A top high school recruit from a tough neighborhood, Brandon signed with Clemson University and eventually transferred to play for Mississippi State to be closer to his family. Unfortunately, an injury derailed his lifelong dream of an NFL career as he was never drafted. After falling into the "pit of despair," Brandon Maye picked himself back up, readjusted his life purpose, and using all of his acquired skills and a Master's degree to become a champion in life by building his kingdom and being an inspiration for his hometown's kids.

Key Takeaways

- Your past does not define your future.

- Excelling in business requires finding purpose, sacrificing the distractions, be humble, and staying hungry to chase the dream.

- Work to build a legacy and always create hope.


Brandon Maye  -   Website  |   Youtube   |   LinkedIn

Check out the Brandon Maye Legacy Foundation