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Sep 24, 2019

Cheers To Business - content marketing with Johnny Gwin

In this episode, Karen talks with show producer Johnny Gwin about content marketing, podcasting, and becoming a local celebrity to grow your brand and business. Content marketing is any entertaining and informative digital media that makes your audience know you, connect with you, and drives them to become a fan and customer. In this day and age, we all need to think of ourselves as media companies as well as doctors, accountants, and artists. Johnny shares his podcasting secrets, personal branding insights, and what it takes to be the digital mayor of your town.

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Content marketing educates, connects, and fascinates your audience to want to know more about you or buy from you.

Content media is delivered to your audience by social media.

Content marketing is real, raw and authentic but always on brand and made with purpose.

Share your wins, challenges, and real you.

Like any advertising and branding, there must be a trackable return on investment.

Content Marketing is anything that you put out into the world that connects you with the people you want to be connected to you.



Content marketing is the stuff you make with a plan that you put out into the world. It's organic advertising messages meant to send people to your website or to your store to convert them into a sale or a fan. - Johnny Gwin

Social media is the delivery system upon which content media is delivered to you. Content marketing is the meat of the sandwich. - Johnny Gwin

I want your content to make you a local celebrity. Yes, you're selling yourself, but you're doing in a way where I just can't quit looking at your stuff. - Johnny Gwin

Print ads, TV, Facebook ads, or Google AdWords only gives you eyeballs and awareness, but it doesn't make me connect to you. - Johnny Gwin

Content marketing is not just willy nilly posts on Facebook or Twitter. You have to know what you want to portray to the world and what your company is and what it does. - Johnny Gwin

I want you to think like you are a media company. If you sell shoes, you sell shoes, and you're a media company. That means you have your own TV station, your own radio station, your own magazine. - Johnny Gwin

Your TV station is Facebook Live. Your Radio station is your podcast. Your magazine is Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. - Johnny Gwin


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