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Sep 16, 2019

Crystal Sears talks with Karen of Cheers To Business

Are you leaving money on the table year after year by not having the right retirement plan? In this episode, Karen talks with the Mobile, Alabama employer, employee, and personal retirement plans TPA specialist Crystal Sears of Azalea Administration. Crystal explains the ins and outs of all the options employers and employees have with 401(k) and other retirement plans and how to get started saving for your future. Plus, learn why setting up an employee plan is one of the best ways to hire, motivate, and keep your best team members.

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1. Pay yourself first. A 401(k) plan is it's a way to save money, but you're saving it for yourself.

2. Compete for top talent. Employee retirement plans for your help you find, motivate and keep your best employees.

3. Retirement plan management can be complicated. Hire a qualified third-party administrator to set-up and manage your company retirement plans.

4. Pay for good financial advisors. Cheap index funds won't cost you a lot of money, but they won't make you any money either.

5. Find the right TPA. Start the retirement plan process with your CPA, Accounting Department, or your HR department.

Cheers To These:

First, talk to your CPA or financial advisor when setting up your personal or company's retirement plans and 401(k). - Crystal Sears

Your CPA or financial advisor will advise you on if a 401(k) plan is something you need to do or something that you should do. - Crystal Sears

If you're a business owner, and you do not have a 401k plan, you better call somebody because everything helps. - Crystal Sears

Once you start getting employees, you better have a 401k plan; and if you don't, it's like not offering them health benefits or anything else. - Crystal Sears

Pay yourself first, a 401k plan is it's a way to save money, but you're saving it to yourself. - Crystal Sears

If you start putting it away after a little while, you're not going to miss that money that you're putting away in your 401(k) - Karen Simmons

Retirement plans are the best thing for an employer because you want your people to be able to retire. You don't want to be paying health benefits to a 72-year-old employee because they can't retire because you didn't have a retirement plan. - Crystal Sears

You can get some cheap index funds that aren't going to cost you anything, but you're not going to get a return either. - Crystal Sears

Pay a good financial advisor to pick your retirement funds for you and make some money. - Crystal Sears

I've always seen offering a 401(k) plan for your staff is like giving them a raise. - Karen Simmons

A 401k plan has a tax return just like your company, and you got to know what you're doing to put that thing together, so hire a reputable TPA to make sure it's done right. - Crystal Sears

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