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May 19, 2020

Abe Harper with Karen Simmons on the Cheers To Business Podcast

In this episode, Karen talks with strategic Information Technology consultant and specialist Abe Harper of Harper Technologies in Mobile, Alabama. Abe shares some simple and essential tools and procedures to ensure computer and network security, even when a company's workforce is primarily working remotely. Plus, Abe describes how the IT world has seen a boom in work and awareness of necessity since the beginning of the pandemic.

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Key Takeaways

> Use tools and procedures to secure your data from ransomware, computer viruses, and hardware or software damage (fire, water or physical destruction)

> Frequently audit your computer system, network, and procedures to determine vulnerabilities in your security and firewalls.

> A network and information system is only the strong as your weakest link.

> Consult with a reputable IT specialist to determine the appropriate firewalls, anti-viruses, data backup systems, and security protocols for your specific needs.


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