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Aug 13, 2019

Chris Sayre | 47 | Cheers To Business

In this episode, Karen and Cadie talk with the Computer Doctor, Chris Sayre. Chris is the owner of The Computer Doctor, a boutique IT service provider that works with clients from New Orleans, La. to Jacksonville, Florida. Chris shares his best IT practices for small business and deep dives on the importance of nurturing local relationships for selecting all your services and vendors. Choosing local sources that personally know your company for your direct and indirect processes is a smart business strategy and can save time, headaches, and money. Are your business service providers a consulting resource that wants you to grow? Do they have a vested interest in your success? Well, maybe it's time to start looking locally for those new resources.


Key Takeaways:

  1. The importance of building local relationships with business service providers and vendors over impersonal remote and national options.
  2. Building an IT provider relationship is just as important as the ones you have cultivated with your banker, accountant, and lawyer.
  3. Find a local IT resource that understands your business, not just a provider.
  4. Ask for local references when choosing any business services, especially IT services.
  5. Choose an IT company that will be able to grow with you as your business grows, change.
  6. An IT provider that knows your business and industry can proactively keep you current with all new technical updates regulations, and compliance.



You should have four relationships in your business: your banker, attorney, accountant, and your IT. - Chris Sayre

It's a refreshing sort of relationship to have when my IT company can say we want to get you to whatever you want to go. - Chris Sayre

I don't want to be your IT guy. I want to be your IT resource. I want to be the person that partners with you. - Chris Sayre

Prior knowledge is invaluable to the client because when they pick up the phone, I can help them right then. I know what you need. That's value to you not only in time but in money. - Chris Sayre

IT is more than just installing a new computer. I feel like if your IT company isn't asking those questions to understand your business from A to Z, then that would be a red flag. - Cadie Gaut

If you're looking for a professional IT provider, I would rely on the same thing you do to find a doctor or dentist. Get some referrals and ask other people what they think about him. - Chris Sayre

The cost to a small business, not following or keeping up with new regulations and compliance issues could be devasting. - Cadie Gaut

The cost of a reliable IT provider is negligible compared to fees and penalties for non-compliance. - Chris Sayre

You need a service provider who is a consulting resource who wants you to grow and has a vested interest in your success? - Karen Simmons