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Nov 1, 2018

Cheers To Business | Ep11 | FOCUSWC

This is a special episode of Cheers To Business. On October 19th, 2018 Karen and Cadie attended the Focus Women's Conference at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. FTR - Karen was a panelist, and both CTB ladies were sponsoring vendors at this incredible event. During the session breakouts, they recorded some of the other FOCUSWC attendees sharing their insights, stories, advice, and inspiration. So, sit back, pour yourself a glass of something, and enjoy learning from and hearing some of these fantastic ladies.

{Editor's Note:} Thanks everyone that took the time to talk to Cadie & Karen. Due to some time limitations, we couldn't use all of the interviews on this episode. We are so sorry but, we promise to share all of your great recordings during the rest of the season. 


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Devon Ford - Founder of FOCUSWC


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Karen C. Simmons, P.C.

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