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Mar 6, 2019

Cheers To Business | Ep.25 | Maximize Time

In today's world, everyone is so go, go, go. You look up and the day has gone. In this episode, Karen and Cady talk about things that they do, tips and tricks that they've learned to maximize their time to be more productive and profitable.

Cady & Karen's Time Maximizers

1. Increase productivity and focus by blocking off time and batch similar tasks.
2. Plan your time with a calendar. Try Google Calendars.
3. Schedule a meeting time with yourself and keep the meeting.
4. Set a task timer, especially tasks you don't like to perform and the time suck of Facebook and social media. Cadie suggests an app called SLOTH.
5. Use time apps and time trackers to analyze for "screen time" where you frequently waste time. Apple iPhones offer this on their iOS.
6. Increase focus and minimize distractions.
7. Determine where you are wasting time and make a plan to make behavioral and work changes based on your analysis.
8. Create specific and measurable time and results in productions goals for yourself and your staff.
9. Create preparation time for yourself and team before office and work hours to create a more positive mindset.
10. Limit meetings and unnecessary internal communications.
11. Prioritize emails, client contact, and small tasks and do them quickly to get them off your daily to-do list.
12. Use downtime and waiting times to get small tasks, emails, texts, and return calls out of the way.
13. Know what you do well. Stay in your lane and contract out those tasks you don't do well, don't like to do, or takes away from the actions that make you money (i.e., taxes and payrolls...wink wink.)


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Quotables and Tweetables

My calendar is everything. If it's not on my calendar, I'm not going to do it. - Cady Gaut

You should schedule a meeting with yourself and keep that meeting. - Cady Gaut

I say set a timer. - Cady Gaut

Apple is really great about letting you know your screen time. I have a goal to reduce my screen time by two hours. - Cady Gaut

So here by eight and then it's 8:01, people's computers aren't up, but clients are calling, our customers are calling. So at least getting their 30 minutes prior, it really gets people in the right mindset so that when boom, the office opens at nine, they're ready to work. - Cady Gaut

I will go out to my vehicle, and I will look at my emails and anything immediate, I will answer them. But the big difference is understanding which emails that can be answered in that 10 seconds or the ones that need to wait. - Karen Simmons

Meetings. They're time-consuming; they take longer than they need to. Some things don't need meetings. - Cady Gaut