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Mar 13, 2019

Cheers To Business | Insurance Guys Podcast | Ep26 | Podcasting

Are you thinking about starting that business or passion project podcast? Well, this is the perfect podcast motivational episode for you. Budding new podcasters Karen and Cady talk with fellow Deep Fried Studios and veteran podcasters Scott Howell and Bradley Flowers from the popular and ever-growing The Insurance Guys Podcast. The Cheers Ladies and The Insurance Guys discuss their love of podcasting, how they all got started, what's needed to make a good podcast, and what podcasting has done for each one of them professionally and personally. Plus, Scott gets overly emotional, Bradley tells a semi-dirty joke, and Karen & Cadie tell how they dreamed up and launched the Cheers To Business Podcast.

Listen to Scott and Bradley's The Insurance Guys Podcast 

Scott & Bradleys Top 6 Podcast Essentials:

1. Consistently good content that entertains and educates
2. Ability to find great guests
3. Strong relationships and chemistry
4. Sound good or get a good show producer and/or audio engineer
5. The courage to get started
6. The commitment to stick with it


Scott and Bradley's 3 Biggest "Unintended Consequences" of Podcasting

1. Overall personal branding - Scott and Bradley's awareness has increased throughout their industry and with established thought leaders.
2. Giving back - Scott and Bradley have enjoyed impacting others by helping other Insurance agents improve their business and productivity.
3. Personal growth - Not only is podcasting fun and exciting; it's also helped Scott and Bradley learn more about their personalities, talents, strengths, and weaknesses.

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Quotables & Tweetables

When you do eight podcasts in a day, you want to go crawl up in a fetal position in your walk-in closet and go to sleep. - Scott Howell

I would say I put in more work outside of the podcast, but Scott puts in more work during the podcast. He's sort of the talent, and I sort of handle the business side of things. - Bradley Flowers

When we started The Insurance Guys Podcast, I wanted it to be very original. - Scott Howell

I'd always wanted to do a podcast, and so I viewed it as like 'Okay, this will just be something fun, we won't ever really do anything with this.' - Bradley Flowers

We did a bunch of research, and eventually concluded that we were going to record the podcast remotely, and Scott was going to record audio...we were going to be on Skype. It was a disaster. - Bradley Flowers

I realized pretty early on that we were going to have something that was pretty special. More so than anything else, it just the relationship that Bradley and I have, and our energy that we have and how we play off of each other on the podcast. - Scott Howell

Batch recording your podcast is the best way to do it if you want to be consistent. - Bradley Flowers

It's easier for me to block off two days to batch record our podcast every two months than it is to block off an hour every week. - Bradley Flowers

What podcasting has done for us is all the unintended consequences that we never thought of when we started that. The relationships with people that are the people in the insurance industry, and the thought leaders of the insurance industry, that we now know. - Scott Howell

With The Insurance Guys Podcast, we've impacted a lot of people's lives. - Scott Howell

Growing up, I knew I wanted to do something that could make a difference. I think that by podcasting, we're helping other people make their dreams a success. And I think that's the difference. We didn't get into podcasting for people to know us or to make money. - Cady Gaut

I tell people when they say what's the podcast about. I say, we're answering questions we get asked every day, happens to be we're drinking wine. - Karen Simmons

The inspiration for Cheers To Business was the great conversations about our lives as women, and in business, and growing and networking and all of that, and that's really what it was, is just these conversations Karen and I have. - Cady Gaut

Mike Stromsoe, a thought leader in the insurance business, he says something that I think is very applicable to both Cady and myself, whatever your past is, your future is spotless. - Scott Howell

So many people wonder what their legacy is going to be. But I think The Insurance Guys Podcast will undoubtedly be our legacy when we're not here on earth anymore. - Scott Howell

I know Bradley was talking about having nerves and being nervous about the podcast, I don't. It's just like breathing to me. I just get on and go. - Scott Howell

The podcast content has to be absolutely fire. Try to pick the best and biggest guest as possible and make sure the audio sounds good. - Bradley Flowers

You have entertainment, and you have educational, and if we don't have either one of those at least sound good. - Bradley Flowers

That's one of our biggest goals, is that balance of exciting and entertaining, but always educational. - Cady Gaut

I think that our ability, to take a topic that is as boring as watching paint dry on a wall dry, and be able to get at the energy level I have that at, and to be able to tell amazingly funny stories all the time, or say something that people just fall on the floor. - Scott Howell

You can get somebody to a podcast because of the sound quality, and the this and that and the great guests, but you also have to be able to get 'em back. - Scott Howell

There is a talent component to podcasting, no different than why somebody makes it big in the music industry, or on a pilot on television, and then that fourth component is playing off each other. - Scott Howell

I had never listened to a podcast before Cady said, 'Let's do a podcast.' - Karen Simmons

I was having trouble finding a podcast that I really connected with, because it just didn't have that balance of entertainment and education, and I was like, let's do it, that's us. - Cady Gaut

I get between 10 to 15 Facebook friend requests a day from insurance agents all over the country. What they're doing is they're going to our, somehow, someway, getting to our podcast, listening to it, and then friend requesting me. Of course, we've got some other thought leaders that mention us as well when they talk in big groups. It's been a blessing in our life, and I would encourage anybody to give it a shot. - Scott Howell