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Apr 3, 2019

Cheers To Business | ep29 | Wellborn

The Cheers ladies have a special guest in the studio, Stacy Wellborn (Wellborn Strategies, Container Yard, Deep Fried Studios, & the Swain Sinus Show) and she's going to talk about SMART goal setting, how to start and how to maintain them throughout the year. Stacy teaches us how SMART goal setting has driven her personal life and career and what are some of the best goal setting systems we can use ourselves. Cheers to setting goals. Cheers to accomplishing goals. Cheers to not beating yourself up even if you don't reach all of them.

SMART goals are:
> Specific
> Measurable
> Attainable
> Realistic
> Timely

Big Questions:

1. How has goal setting been apart of Stacy's career and personal success?
2. How do you get started setting SMART goals?
3. What are three things that make up a good goal?
4. What are some of the best goal planning systems and influencers available?
5. What's the best mindset for making, maintaining, and not reaching your set goals?
6. Is there a difference between kind of business goal setting and personal goal setting?
7. When is the best time to start goal setting?
8. How are goals like a life roadmap?



Stacy Wellborn - Wellborn Strategies | Container Yard

Michael Hyatt - Full Focus Planner | Five Days to Your Best Year Ever

Stephen Covey - Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Erin Condren


Quotables & Tweetables

I love hosting The Swain Sinus Show because I get to ask a doctor all the things I've always wanted to know, like does it really matter if your snot's green? - Stacy Wellborn

Container Yard is a coworking space. Its membership based and it's like a gym for the office. So, you can come once a week or every day and start a business, grow a business, have business meetings. - Stacy Wellborn

Johnny and I have been business owners for 10, 15, 20 years and one of the goals that we set was we needed to create a studio, and then we need a place to work. And really from that came Container Yard. - Stacy Wellborn

Goals can morph into other things. You may start out with one goal, but after working on it with time, it can kind of turn into something else. - Cadie Gaut

You get so caught up and just going and going that it's hard sometimes to know where do I want to be a year from now. - Cadie Gaut

In college, I picked up Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey and there's a system called Franklin Planners, which is based on Ben Franklin, who is known for having had these fantastic little notebooks that he kept all his goals and ideas. - Stacy Wellborn

The Franklin Planner and Stephen Covey merged probably 25 years ago, and they became the Franklin Covey planning system. - Stacy Wellborn

First things first, prioritize. And then write a list of goals and to-dos. - Stacy Wellborn

When you have your prioritized list, then go back and prioritize one, two, threes or ABC's, whichever you want to do. - Stacy Wellborn

Prioritizing is thinking longterm. I've got to do these things today, these things next week, these things in three months. - Stacy Wellborn

Everybody is trying to do more with less; we're driven to deadlines. It's just a deadline society. And if you don't have a deadline, then you're like, oh I'll get to that later. - Stacy Wellborn

A good goal is one that has a timeline, you know, a deadline or something measurable. - Stacy Wellborn

Every day's a new day. Don't be afraid to revise your goals and don't beat yourself up for not reaching all of them. - Stacy Wellborn

I think as business owners we tend to prioritize our business goals over our personal goals. - Stacy Wellborn

Take a lot of time to think about the year past. What did you accomplish, what went well, what didn't go so well? And then thinking about the future, what do I want to accomplish and what do I need to drop off that list? What do I need to add to the list? - Stacy Wellborn

Think about the areas of your life first and maybe make buckets: business, personal, relationship, family, health, spiritual. Think of some of those buckets. - Stacy Wellborn

Carve out that time for yourself to think through those buckets of life. And then within each bucket, maybe come up with one goal for each. - Stacy Wellborn

It's not like you have to wait until January 1st to set goals. You can set goals anytime. - Stacy Wellborn

Life is about choices and the choices you make. Are you going to work on your taxes or you going to go watch Netflix? - Cadie Gaut

Goals are a roadmap. But if I set that goal to reach $1 million in sales and I did 500 last year, well if I do anything between 500 and a million, I've won. I shouldn't beat myself up for not hitting my million goal in sales if I did 700,000 celebrate that. - Stacy Wellborn

Goals help me grow every year, even if I don't accomplish them. I know I'm improving. But I do certainly believe that even if you reach any small goal, you should celebrate it. - Stacy Wellborn