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Apr 16, 2019

Cheers To Business | 3 Cs of Email | Ep31

Like it or not we are evaluated in business with almost every interaction we have, and that includes those daily and ubiquitous emails. Your emails are seen as a direct reflection of you and your business. So on this episode, Karen and Cadie dive deep into some of the best business email practices and etiquette you need to consider and maybe need to brush up on. Cadie shares her best tricks, techniques and pro tips for getting the most out of our online interactions and some email hacks to improve our work productivity and internal communications.

Cadies Three C's of Business Email

1. Clarity
Be clear and specific with your email message, subject line, attachment name, and watch out for pronouns when you could be using specific names in your text and instructions.

2. Correct
Proofread, proofread, and proofread. Make sure that your language and tone matches the context and purpose of the message.

3. Courteous
Think about the person receiving your email and learn to adjust your writing style for that person's communication preference. Again, be clear with your message, watch out for excessive attachments, and avoid multiple recipient messages with group replies and BCCs.

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Quotables and Tweetables

Know who you're communicating with, and you do the same thing in person, you know, in real life. So it's carrying that over into the email world. - Cadie Gaut

No more than two attachments per email because a lot of email systems are blocked emails if there are more than two attachments. - Cadie Gaut

If you're asking a question, really be specific of who any question is directly referring to. - Cadie Gaut

Be conscious of who you're sending the message to. Know your audience, your recipient, have a detailed subject line. Proofread the email and take a second look at your signature if you have excessive graphics or hyperlinks. - Cadie Gaut

Your email is a direct reflection of you, so take a little extra time to work on that etiquette. - Cadie Gaut

With email communication, you want to concentrate on it just like you would a professional in-person meeting. - Cadie Gaut

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