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Apr 23, 2019

Cheers To Business | Harper Tech | ep32

Just like accounting and payroll, IT is essential to the smooth running and functionality of your company. So in this episode, Karen and Cadie talk with Abe and Carl Harper of Harper Technologies about keeping our business data safe, firewalls updated and our online communication systems protected and impenetrable to hackers. The Harpers easily explain assessing your business’s risk exposure to malware, ransomware, and work stoppage with your information and communication systems and why consulting and hiring a trusted professional is a really smart business decision. There are two types of clients in the IT world, the proactive and the reactive. Find out why it’s better and more affordable to be in the proactive group.

Big Questions

1. What’s Abe and Carl’s work dynamic being brothers in a family business?
2. What are the most significant IT issues Harper Technologies sees from its client and the local business market?
3. What would be a reasonable budget for professional IT services?
4. What are the pros and cons of using professional IT businesses services?
5. What the heck is a firewall?
6. What type of anti-virus software and services should a company be using?
7. Are you putting your company at a competitive disadvantage by not using professional IT services and consulting?
8. What is the safest and legally compliant way to get rid of an old computer or hard drive loaded with business and client data?


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Harper Technologies Core Pillars

1. Managed IT Services and Consulting: preventative maintenance, as well as break-fix services for computers
2. Networking Infrastructure: building and creating network infrastructures from the ground up, but also revamping the infrastructures that need to be reinvented. This includes copper, fiber, and wireless.
3. Data Forensics and Recovery: Tier 1 data recovery and forensic expert witness testimonies for the ABI, FBI, and other law enforcement agencies.

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Quotables and Tweetables

We have a really good working relationship. I think we've established a respect for each other early on. We know each other's boundaries, but we also understand that it's a working relationship versus a personal relationship. - Abe Harper

There is a difference between confidence and arrogance. - Abe Harper

There's a two-part nature to IT. There's preparation, and then there's reaction. People either want to prepare, and have a budget item up-front, have a method and a plan for it on the front end, or they want to catch it, after everything has hit the fan, and then backtrack and try and undo ten years of bad maintenance. - Abe Harper

In our region, says that you need to spend about 3% of your annual gross revenues on IT. That 3% number does go up to about 6% if you do remedy over prevention. That includes your Internet. It does not include your marketing and website design and development. - Abe Harper

You can either prevent, or you can cure. And, if you're preventing, you're going to spend a lot less money than you are if you're remedying on the back end. - Abe Harper

To be competitive in today's world, you're competing with companies that have found ways to take data and use it, and artificially intelligent manners and get so much more aggressive at pursuing the exact same goals, and the exact same clients that you are pursuing, and if you're not in that arena competing, if you're not in that ring, if you're not ready, I mean, you've already lost.

The firewall is the TSA agent at that gate, blocking that port so that the traffic that is going to that gate is either allowed or denied, based on what's it's associated with.

An anti-virus program is an active process on your computer. It's scanning actively for entering data and exiting, for anything that's happening in the background. The more efficient the program, the less noticeable it is on your computer's overall performance impact. - Abe Harper

If you're using anti-virus in an enterprise environment, you're going to want to go with something paid. They don't put their best foot forward on their free products. - Carl Harper

If you lose two days of efficiency because of bad IT practices, what does that impact look like to your business of 20 employees? - Carl Harper

If your network internally is compartmentalized, but anything on that network has access to the web, if anything on that computer is touching that network, technically, it's still a vulnerable access point. - Abe Harper

The standard method of deletion that most people think about does not truly delete data. So taking something and dragging it to a recycle bin is not truly gone. - Carl Harper

When disposing of old computers or drives with data you need to have some sort of certifiable method of destruction. They've got to do a several passes erasing on that equipment, and then, they have to physically destroy, or have some mechanism of encrypting the remaining data that still exists out there. - Carl Harper

I want to stress that no business is too small to need the services of a professional IT company. Know your budget and your method for starting off and going forward - Cadie Gaut