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Apr 30, 2019

Cheers To Business | Ep33 | Rhen Barlett

In this episode, Karen and Cadie talk with Rhen Bartlett, the COO of Irby Homebuyers and a locally known student of leadership, and guru for building a sales team. Rhen shares his insights on best practices for hiring, training, motivating, and maintaining a highly effective and productive team. Plus, Rhen lays out the Irby team building standards and processes, how he improves his own leadership skills, handling employee turnover, and putting everyone in the right seats.

Big Questions

  1. Are salespeople born or made?
  2. What are some necessary skills that a successful salesperson must have?
  3. After hiring, what can be implemented to ensure a sales person's success?
  4. What measurements work best when benchmarking against performance for sales teams?
  5. What is the most impactful thing you can implement in any business?
  6. When is the time to implement investment in leadership skills and team building training?


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Quotables and Tweetables

They say that salespeople aren't born, they're made. I really do believe that it's hard-wired in your DNA. - Rhen Bartlett

You can't turn somebody into a salesperson. - Karen Simmons

The biggest sales skill is attitude. - Rhen Bartlett

Training. Training, training, training. A sales team can't get to where the level of accountability that you want to hold them to if you don't consistently train every day. - Rhen Bartlett

If you get a good salesperson, pay them well. They're money motivated. And, the better you can stack the deck, the higher you can set the bar. - Rhen Bartlett

If you do not see turnover in some of your top people, you're probably not pushing your company as far as it could go. - Rhen Bartlett

The continuity of the company is more important than a couple of bucks a great salesperson may bring in. - Karen Simmons

You want each employee to be happy. But, at the same time, you have to separate that from the organization as a whole and to make sure that it's functioning correctly. - Cadie Gaut

You are one person on this ship, and I cannot let this ship go down. I have to look out for everybody in the whole boat, not just one person. - Karen Simmons

Our mission is to be the biggest real estate investment company in the country. Our passion is raising up communities and giving people safe, happy, healthy places to live. Our purpose is to create leaders within our companies that can go out and then create other leaders. - Rhen Bartlett

We say everybody in our company is a salesperson. You should be a salesperson in life, in general. You have to sell your spouse on marrying you. You have to sell the boss on giving you the job. - Rhen Bartlett

I try to run our company like Nick Saban runs his football team.there is some science, some psychology that comes into play. - Rhen Bartlett

There has to be a separation and an understanding of who's the boss. In that respect, a barrier exists when that is maintained. - Rhen Bartlett

When a business first starts, you may not necessarily know how the team needs to work together, especially when you start off solo. - Cadie Gaut

Two people working together is a whole lot different than six people working together. - Cadie Gaut

As a leader, you truly have to adopt the mentality that you're here to serve your team. You're here to make them better. You're here to lift them up. Ego has to be tabled, and communication is key. - Rhen Bartlett

You have to adopt the mindset that business is all about bettering yourself and those around you. You can't go out and build a skyscraper without a solid foundation. - Rhen Bartlett

My number one favorite book of all time is The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill. - Rhen Bartlett