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Jul 9, 2019

Cheers To Business | ep42 | Saraland Chamber of Commerce

Your chamber of commerce is more than just ribbon cuttings, charity events, and luncheons. Business is all about relationships, and one of the best ways to forming those all-important local vendors and consumer connections is joining and engaging with your local chamber of commerce. In this episode, Karen and Cadie sit with Jamie Warren and Shilo Miller of the Saraland Chamber of Commerce. After Jamie and Shilo present Cheers To Business with the Saraland June Business of the Month, they tell us why it's smart business to join your local chamber of commerce.



Jamie Warren - President // Saraland Chamber of Commerce

Shilo Miller - Executive Director // Saraland Chamber of Commerce

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Quotables & Tweetables

Local Chambers of Commerce help you to connect with other businesses with other chamber members the people in the community to expand your network and the contacts. - Shilo Miller

Join and engaging with the local Chambers has absolutely been a part of our success in growing Payroll Vault and my other companies. - Karen Simmons

It's about building relationships. And that's what the Saraland Chamber is doing right. - Shilo Miller

The chamber is not just about attending a luncheon. It's not just about coming to a business before hours or a business after hours. We do work on the back end to promote our local businesses through our city magazine, through social media. Whether you're participating heavily or not on the personal level. We're still working for you to make sure that your business is noticed and recognized within the community. - Jamie Warren


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