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Jul 23, 2019

On this episode, Karen and Cadie have a candid discussion with serial entrepreneur, former franchise owner and commercial real estate consultant Chris Harle. Chris shares his wins and losses and advice on knowing when to change your business model from the hard lessons learned from opening, closing, and selling his restaurants. No longer a restauranteur, Chris uses his entrepreneurial ups and down to consult and help others find the right franchises, business concepts, and commercial locations for his clients' specific needs.

Big Questions?

1. How do you decide between a stand-alone business and a franchise?
2. How hard is it to sell a franchise?
3. What are some key indicators that should trigger you to consider rethinking, selling, retiring, or closing a business?
4. What are the biggest things to consider when opening a restaurant?
5. When is failure not a mistake in business?

Rules for Starting A Business per Chris Harle:

1. Know the WHY on wanting to start a business.
2. Be prepared for what it takes to make a business work.
3. Have the capital to go for six months without a paycheck.
4. Serve others before you serve yourself.
5. Go all in from day one.
6. Don't try to do everything yourself, hire well.
7. Create a work/life balance.
8. Know when it's time to make a change.



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Cheers Worthy:

Selling a franchise, you've got to find the right person. - Chris Harle

I tried my own restaurant, and I found out there's so much that I didn't realize the franchise provided that I didn't know how to do. - Chris Harle

A restaurant is so much more than just the food. I had these great recipes, but there's so much more than you know. - Chris Harle

Partnerships are hard. - Chris Harle

My dad always says, "what's the one ship that doesn't float?" Partnership. - Chris Harle

You have to have an excellent staff. If the stores open, you're open. - Chris Harle

I worked open to close every single day until I finally just passed out on the floor and had to get somebody to help me. - Chris Harle

It's hard to promote. You need to get your name out there, and joining a chamber of commerce is a great way to do it. - Chris Harle

You want to be happy at what you do and when you're not happy doing that, it's time to make a change. - Chris Harle

You have a business, it's your life, but there's still another life outside of that business, and some people can forget that. - Cadie Gaut

I do commercial real estate. I help people who want to open a business or need to move to find the right location that works for their business. - Chris Harle

]If you don't go all-in for your business, odds are it's not going to be successful. - Karen Simmons