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Dec 10, 2019

Michelle Crowe on the Cheers To Business Podcast

In this info and laugh loaded episode, Karen shares her new business marketing needs consultation with e-worc's marketing goddess Michelle Crowe. Michelle walks Karen through knowing your customer demographics, brand auditing, strategy creation, website development, email marketing, social media, and traditional print collateral. This fun and factual conversation is an excellent example of a productive marketing meeting you need to be having with your advertising agency, marketing directors, or anyone doing your business marketing...including yourself.



Michelle Crowe
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Key Takeaways

Before you create any marketing collateral, or build your website, determine the real value your company provides and who are your ideal customers.

Determine the speed of growth and what financial objectives you are trying to achieve to determine the needed investment in your marketing budget accurately.

LinkedIn is Facebook for adults who all have jobs.

Consult with a marketing expert to set up the foundation (or refine what you already have) for all your business's branding, marketing, digital, and advertising needs.

A robust email marketing strategy is not only a powerful marketing tool but an absolute necessity.


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