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Oct 1, 2019

Melissa Cross on the Cheers To Business podcast

Are you giving your employees the right environment to be the most productive? Are you presenting your brand properly to your customers and the customers that you want? On this episode, Karen discusses the importance of first impressions, consistent branding, and marketing a legendary local brand with McAleers Office Furniture President Melissa Cross. Melissa is a business development maven that has built a furniture sales and consulting business that has evolved with the industry and with the changes in office furniture sales and marketing.


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Key Takeaways:

The perception of your customer is essential. Your office and office furniture reflect on your brand and reputation.

Evolve your marketing to work the best for you and your audience.

The right office furniture can increase worker productivity, limit workplace injury, and ensure positive first impressions.



Cheers To These

Ergonomics is so important. Facilities managers need to make sure that they get office furniture that can fit a large range of people because of workers comp claims. - Melissa Cross

You could have to have surgery because you're sitting at your desktop wrong. - Melissa Cross

If you want people to buy into you, then everything around you needs to reflect you. - Karen Simmons

My Dad misses seeing McAleers on TV, but I see my marketing dollars better spent somewhere else. - Melissa Cross

We've grown our business year over year, and it's through marketing. - Melissa Cross

I'm a big advocate for the Mobile Chamber of Commerce. The things they offer. I mean, I couldn't have done what I'm doing now without them. - Melissa Cross

Our staff is going to get at the heart of who are the customers you're trying to attract, and what kind of industry you're in, and what look you're going for. - Melissa Cross

Strong leaders are not afraid to ask for what we want. I always say I'm never the smartest person in the room. - Melissa Cross

The best thing you do is surround yourself with people that are smarter than you. - Karen Simmons

The perception of your customer is essential. You can't stick some folding chairs in a doctor's waiting room and expect patients to come back. - Karen Simmons

Do you really want a CPA that drives a Pinto? No. It's okay to look successful. - Karen Simmons

Older companies and newer companies forget how important it is to carry their branding throughout their customer experience, and you can do that with office furniture. There are affordable things that can help you reflect the "you" that you want to show the world. There's a lot of options out there, and you don't need to bust the bank to do it. - Melissa Cross


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