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Oct 29, 2019

Mr.X Part 2 on the Cheers To Business Podcast talking digital marketing

This is Part 2 of the power of digital marketing with Mr. X. Mr. X gives Karen more strategic advice for using targeted Facebook ads to increase your lead generations and increase sales conversions. Plus, Karen gets some specific marketing tactics on setting up a website that sells, filling a sales funnel, and getting the most bang for your marketing dollars.

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Key Takeaways

Focus your marketing on sales conversions, not just branding.

Build a website that not only tells but sells.

Know your core customer, how to find them, and how to get them in your sales funnel.


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Karen Simmons

Payroll Vault - Mobile & Baldwin Counties

Cheers To:

A digital paid ad is going to take your customer to your website. From there, you're going to need to have repeated exposures. And that's called a sales funnel. - Mr.X

After you've done this paid advertising and a lead gets to the website, your website should be able to make a sale. It must be able to accept a payment or at least get them into some type of telephone sales or contact situation. - Mr.X

Set up a buy now, call me, or request a meeting button on your website. It needs to be straightforward and easy; otherwise, you're going to run customers off. - Mr.X

Determine who your core buyers are and then go to Facebook and use their interest to target your ads to that specific market. Your ads will convert more. - Mr.X