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Aug 27, 2019

Cheers To Business | ep49 | sales | operations

In this episode, Karen and Cadie discuss the communication gap, misunderstanding, and tension between a company's sales staff and the operations side. Karen is the voice of sales, and Cadie handles the POV of the operations side. They honestly share their successes and failures of limiting this gap of the sellers, doers and the back of house processors. Cadie counsels Karen on what she thinks might be the communication barriers between these vastly different type of people. Plus, she suggests some real-world solutions for closing the huge gaps between the sales team and the operations side. It's time for your full company to start playing nice, performing as a unified team, growing sales numbers, and delivering on your service or product promises.


Key Takeaways:

  1. It's essential for the sales team to understand the operation side. 
  2. Empowering your operations team to educate the sales team and customers could be a boom in sales and closing new deals.
  3. A salesperson's personality differs significantly from a reliable operations team member.
  4. Sales and Operations need to find a way to understand each others roles, communicate better, and work as a unified force.


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Cheers To These:

To strengthen sales encourage the sales team to understand the operations side and process of the company. - Cadie Gaut

You can bring a hundred fifty thousand people to the door. But if you don't have the right people in operations to give them excellent service, it's meaningless.  - Karen Simmons

Operations doesn't want salespeople involved in the operations. We just want you to understand our world.  - Cadie Gaut

You could have the best process on the planet. But if someone isn't out selling what good is it doing. - Cadie Gaut

Are you trying to move people in the company? If you put the wrong ass into the wrong seat to make somebody a salesperson, it's going to cost you. - Karen Simmons

We do well when we go out networking because we are ourselves. I am sales, and you are operations.  - Karen Simmons

There is a communication gap between the sales team and the operation team. We don't have to do what each other does. But we need to keep each other in the loop, and we have to listen to each other. - Cadie Gaut